a focus on dutch top sectors

Dutch Expansion Capital focuses on five out of the nine top sectors: High Tech and Materials, Healthcare, Agro and Food, Energy and Horticulture (as defined in the Dutch Government Policy Paper Sept 2011). In all of these industries the team has investment and/or operational experience and relationships. Companies in niche markets with unique innovative products and highly differentiating business models have a strong preference.

Later stage expansion capital will be provided to companies where generally a lack of capital (by banks and other capital sources) has been a barrier to growth. On a day to- day basis the management remains in control but the team will keep close tabs on companies’ progress through frequent contacts. If necessary, team members are able to take up management responsibilities.

Companies need to expand outside the country

The Netherlands is an export-driven and outward-looking economy, with more than 50% of GDP being export-related. ”The 7th largest exporter globally”, that has always had an international focus! With a small domestic population companies need to expand to become larger players in their industries and acquire a leading position. The Brainport region has been elected “smartest region of the world” (2011) and is widely recognized as a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. It is the home base for many world-class knowledge companies and research institutes. In addition, the Dutch Government is actively stimulating these nine high-growth innovative “top sectors” that will be supported through a combination of regulatory, tax and other incentives.