investing in life changing companies

Current Portfolio  

DEC is geared towards a single goal; accelerating life changing companies. 

We are seeking gems with sustainable innovations, which have a technology that can be game changing and operate in growing end markets. We help these companies into making impact on Grand Challenges and eventually becoming life changing companies. 

Our current portfolio consists of the following companies:


Tdls Small

 Tidal Turbine manufacturer





 StartupBootCamp HighTechXL Business Accelerator




Proximity based service platform



Startupbootcamp HighTechXL portfolio

As a founding parter at Startupbootcamp HighTechXL, DEC's portfolio also includes the following companies


AquAszeroAquAszero DiadermaDiaderma   GreenEarthGreen Earth Aerogels   IngenyIngeny


MintSolutionsMint Solutions ProsperoBiosciencesProspero Biosciences   ProxibleProxible   SensusSensus Energy


ThinkSiliconThinkSilicon   WatlyWatly    


Former Transactions

The DEC team members have experience in venture capital/private equity in a broad spectrum, of industries and have been involved in 35 transactions. In their previous roles, DEC team members were involved in investment, acquisition, management and/or exit of the following companies. 




Telfort1Mobile telecom operator OniTelecom      


High Tech


SwetsDocument Solutions SwetsPublisher      



MediaMagnFilm production company CanalplusMovie channel and network Canaldig Movie channel and network 




MerbaCookies manufacturer RefrescoJuice manufacturer NetagcoAgricultural manufacturer ScanaNProducer bottled vegetables Tensator Queing system



MarkantSupermarket BgnBook retailer OneillFashion   Steps Fashion retailer                                    



Agens Reintegration company ImasPaper printing



NagelReseller John Deere